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I will ultimately want to move my Ambient WS-2902C to a second-story gable; perhaps 5 ft. above the roof peak. While this a wireless station (no connections to indoor electronics), and I live in probably one of the least-likely locations to attract a lightning strike (coastal San Diego, CA), what would the Forum recommend for grounding the metal mast?

Many Thanks for comments.

If it isn't grounded per NEC code and there is a loss at your house, the insurance company can point to it as a reason to deny a claim....

That is issue No. 1, for sure, thanks, vreihen. That is why Iím in no hurry to make the move. If the proper implementation is just too onerous or messy, I just wonít do it.

Someone will invariably come along and suggest a PVC pipe or wooden closet rod as a "non-conductive" mast material alternative.  A quick trip to Google will show a gazillion pictures of trees and wooden utility poles obliterated by lightning strikes.

My family used to own a house on top of a mountain.  From personal experience, I can tell you that NOTHING is "non-conductive" when hit by the voltage/amperage of a lightning strike.  This is why lightning protection strategies for centuries have been to provide an easier path to ground.....


I'm with you on that one, man! [tup]


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