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This board adds a taptalk button to my browser bar, why ? and how do I remove it ?  I have no use for or interest in tapatalk  :?

There's no "tapatalk" WXForum menu item for me.

If it's a browser button, what browser are you using?
I'm using Windows 10 and the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge.

I've not seen anything related to tapatalk and hope I never do.

The forum supports access via Tapatalk, but doesn't add any buttons for visitors using a browser.  Check your browser's add-on plugins.. there may be something there that is adding buttons to the html page from the forum.  Hard to tell.. which browser on which OS are you running to see the tapatalk button(s) on the page?

When visiting the forum on my Android devices (mobile and tablet) because the Tapatalk app was installed it would pop-up and ask if you wanted to view in Tapatalk instead of in the browser (Chrome). At one point I used Tapatalk...but I felt it wasn't better than just using the browser. So I uninstalled Tapatalk and it has not asked me again.

So if you are on a mobile device and you don't intend to use Tapatalk ....then uninstall it. It may be possible that you still may be asked to install or use Tapatalk....just tell it No and to remember that option if it has the option. It is possible that different mobile devices behave differently and it may change depending on browser aslo.


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