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OS WMR968 Temperature/Humidity readings not showing

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Were the ants in the batteries area at all? I looked at the sensor and there wasn't any indication of insects. There was some water in the the battery area when I opened it up, but the rest of the solar units are out there also and they are working. So you didn't have to replace your temp/humidity sending solar unit?

No the ants trolled right by the C-clamp holding the solar/battery housing...on up the pole right by the horizontal arm for the rain gauge...then took aim on the temperature/humidity sensor I have housed in an aspirator. They had attacked a wasp nest inside the aspirator housing as well & I think this might have been the straw that broke the camels back...per say...when they attempted placing it piece by piece (wasp nest) inside the sensor. They were destructive little guys...but I guess in hindsight...more damage could have occurred.


Thanks for the info, I'll try looking at that after it stops snowing by us.


Nice that yours is working again.


I tried doing that and it didn't work. I also tried connecting it to the other solar unit. Same results. Looks like the temp/hydro may be the culprit.

The temp/humid sensors fail just because. I've been through 3 or 4.
The last one has gotten weaker and I had to move it closer to the 968. It's still working kinda.
I think OS equipment is not meant to be used outside.

On an optimistic note, I just found another rain gauge so I now have that working again after almost 2 years without. This number 3


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