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OS WMR968 Temperature/Humidity readings not showing

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OS hardware is the worst I have ever seen.
The rain gauge I installed not quite a year ago has failed. This makes either number 3 or 4.
I shall not replace or repair this PoS.

I suggest you spend the money and get a better more reliable brand. By the time you count how many senders you have to buy (if you can find them) just to keep this station working, you will have spent the same amount as a Davis and suffered less frustration.

Hello :
I would like to know if it is possible to interface the Sensors:  WGR918 Anemometer, THGR918 Thermometer, PCR918 Rain Gauge, with the Main Unit WMR968.  Oregon Scientific does not give more news about old models and my old WMR918 is unserviceable.
I read all sensors are compatible but also the WMR968 modified the code to connect sensors.
I cannot read data on the display and the sensors seem new.
Could someone help me?


Here’s a link to a chart that will show you the compatible sensors for the WMR968.  I have used it often when replacing sensors that have gone bad and I have even gone into the listing and compared some sensors of other Oregon Scientific main units to find and match a cross reference to a WMR968 & the WMR918.


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