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New Thread For Add-InWx.

Visit the web page:

UPDATE (10/8/2020):
This software application is now open-sourced under the MIT license! The GitHub repo can be found here:
It was a good run while I was actively working on it. However, I've gotten to busy with life to continue development. So I'm turning this over to the software development community. Thank you to all for the testing, and beta work! You guys made this possible!

Add-InWx is a Weather Program I've been working on for close to 4 years now.
I'm a self-taught programmer and have been using this program as a project to teach myself. I'm still learning, and I know I have a long way still to go, but its been fun (and sometimes frustrating, LOL) so far.

Excerpt from the older forum thread here:
About 4 years ago we purchased our first real weather station (an Ultimeter 2100 from PeetBros with pro sensors) and shortly thereafter started looking at software to interface to it. What we were looking for was something that would display the data in a nice/easy to read way while still having a few good features. We started with the "WeatherText Tools" software that came with the Station then moved to software (Of which i don't remember the name of) that was originally available at N3FJP's website back in 2012. We then tried "Weather Display" and "Cumulus" neither of which we liked. After that we tried 3 or 4 other pieces of software before finally giving up. Our biggest complaint with the existing software was that they either didn't display the Station data very well or the configuration was at best a complete mess.

Being relatively new to programing at that time I started working on my own software to interface to our Station and since then it has evolved into this.

Options Window:

Its still a work in progress, but currently as of (Version Beta) here is a list of features:
Supported OSes
        Windows 7 x32, 8 and 8.1 x64 are confirmed to work
        Windows XP and Vista have not been confirmed but should work
Supported Stations
        Davis Vantage Vue, Pro and Pro2. via USB, Serial and TCP Dataloggers.
        PeetBros. Ultimeter models 2100, 800 and 100 (2005 and later)
        I would like to add more, I just need Suggestions and someone who is willing to help debug the connection to a new type of Station.
It supports Connecting to Multiple Weather Stations Simultaneously
You can pick what units the data is displayed as Fahrenheit/Celsius, Mph/Kph, InHg/mbar etc.
Plugins: Add-InWx is Designed around supporting Plugins, Meaning that if you want to add something to it, you can do so. I've tried to keep everything simple so its easy to work with.

Tentatively planned Plugins / Features: (These are in no particular order)
   SQL DataBase Connectivity for Data Logging / Graphing
   WUnderground Radar and Forecast
   USB / TCP/IP Webcam Support
   Ocean Tide Forecasts
   Re-hosting of Weather Stations over TCP/IP (ie. if you have a Serial Connection to the WX Station, then this would allow TCP/IP Connections to be made to the Station)
   Weather Alarms
   Uploading to WUnderground and CWOP.

Previous versions can be seen on this forum thread:
The Old Version can be downloaded here:

A Special Thanks to Forum Members: dean.martin and Beaudog for their help with debugging the Connection to the Davis stations. Thanks Guys!

I appreciate any and all questions and comments about Add-InWx. If you would like to report a bug, request a feature, or just send a comment, you can post them here on the forum thread or email me directly at


I've confirmed the software works on Win7 32bit using a Davis VP2 with serial data logger.  It started pulling data as soon as I added the station.  Looks good!


Thanks Scott.

Just curious, What do you think of the Full-screen mode?

Seems to work well, although I personally wouldn't use it since I have other software running that I monitor. But good to have as an option.

Alright, Thanks.


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