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Jumpin Joe:
I am assembling the Controller Board and cannot tell where the identified pin for RN41 goes. Does the identified pin on the first one go next to where RN41 is printed on the board? Does the identified pin for the second one go next the the first one or at the opposite end?  ](*,)

Hi Joe,

I lined both of those with Pin 1(has a dot or star) from left to right. Left being towards C45.

Hope that helps,


Jumpin Joe:
Thank you John

The two RN41 components are symmetrical, so it doesn't matter which way the dots on either component point. However, I did what John suggested as well.

The other resistor networks must be oriented correctly.


Jumpin Joe:
Thanks Don

ran into a sag broke one of the 100nf caps.... got to order a replacement.



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