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AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Atlas Temperature Accuracy
« Last post by johndeerefarmer on Today at 03:04:03 PM »
Got two of them. One at home and one at vacation home- both run 5 degrees or so hot.
Today again an unwanted reboot of my console, seems to be random but most of the time it happens again I hit the back button it seems
I added a Vue outdoor unit for testing and this works great, especially the diagnostic screen and the graphs are helpful
The screen flickers rapidly blank as the reboot occurs
Daily data gone sadly....

It is not predictable when the reboot occurs, figuring this out and forcing a reboot is not doable (yet)

Despite these bugs I do like the new console and it's features

Surely Davis will continue to improve this product
The WIFI logger doesn't need a subscription.  Just the one time purchase.  But the logger can upload to WU, and Davis weather link.  As well as a few others.

You don't have to go with WeatherLink online.  If you're happy with viewing your weather via the WUnderground app, that would be free and works.  I don't recall the upload interval, but it wouldn't be 100% live.  Probably 5-15 minutes, I can't recall.  But you also get what you pay for.  Sometime WU does go down.  And with new owners, who knows what could change next.

I don't have WeatherLink myself.  So I'm not sure of the update interval there.  But for the simple stuff, you could stick with the free WeatherLink account.  It should show your today high's, etc. under the free account.  I think free vs. pro. you lose some reporting, and probably history.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Atlas Temperature Accuracy
« Last post by DoctorKnow on Today at 01:54:31 PM »
The motor is bad. It should not be that much hotter.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Atlas Temperature Accuracy
« Last post by johndeerefarmer on Today at 01:10:27 PM »
My Accurite runs 5 degrees higher (in the sun) than my Davis Vantage Vue. Pretty disappointed with it.
Custom Website Templates / Re: Deprecated error in common.php
« Last post by saratogaWX on Today at 12:53:55 PM »
Yes.. common.php - Version 1.14 - 27-Dec-2022

Use check-fetch-times.php?show=versions to see what may need updates on your site.
Thanks for all the help on this topic - I mistakenly bought a WH32 (868) and wanted to change to a WH31. Using advice here just blobbed J8 to turn it into a WH31 then J3 and J4 to give it channel 4 - all reporting OK.
I have seen some mention of frequency and jumpers but unless I am incorrect I don't think jumpers can change frequency - I think it's set by the installed crystal frequency hence all the different country board jumpers being the same for each similar board configuration.
You mean you removed J8?    A pic would be good!
Thanks. I have two consoles, one at my house and one at my mother's 800' away. We both get data from my station.

So none of the options will let me view the low's and highs of the day without a subscription? Not the app or either of the Davis options? I want to be able to view them online, not just on the console like I do know.
The aftermarket logger need a subscription too?

Custom Website Templates / Deprecated error in custom.php
« Last post by broadstairs on Today at 12:33:32 PM »

I'm seeing

Code: [Select]
[27-Sep-2023 17:20:04 Europe/London] PHP Deprecated:  Using ${var} in strings is deprecated, use {$var} instead in /home/stelguk1/public_html/CumulusMX/common.php on line 52
[27-Sep-2023 17:20:04 Europe/London] PHP Deprecated:  Using ${var} in strings is deprecated, use {$var} instead in /home/stelguk1/public_html/CumulusMX/common.php on line 57

Is there a later version than December 2020? I'm using PHP 8.2.8.

Sending the soilad values is intended this way. I don't understand the purpose of this - after all, this is a static (one-time) setting that is made via the app and can also be read out there - in my opinion, there is no benefit in sending these values again and again at every transmission interval. Does anyone have an idea what this could be used for?
I have to ask Ecowitt again ...


The only thing I can think of , is for their own data collection if posting to  Perhaps to see how people calibrate the units. The units have been one of the more troublesome of the lineup, might be an attempt to resolve those or improving the product.

For an individual owner, would be meaningless and a waste. (Edit: unless you have multiple units like I do, and if that the calibration information was presented on on the tile when one looks at the values , but that is a stretch)

Be interesting to see if this also starts occurring for new firmwares in other devices

I am scratching my head as well.

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