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Ecowitt HP2550-C display console compatible with my sensors?


I just bought the following Ecowitt sensors:

WH 40 Rain gauge sensor
WH 57 Lightning detector sensor
WS 80 Ultrasonic anemometer
868 MHz

I want a display console to view these real time  so I was thinking about buying the HP2550-C console which is cheaper than the 2551-C, which may be more recommended for this setup.
Would be nice if the display was also compatible with the GW1000.
Is the HP2550-C display console compatible with these sensors, or do I have to buy the 2551-C display console, which is more expensive?

- if you refer to naming hp2550 is a console only, hp2551 is a console + sensors ( but same console )
- gw1000 and hp2550 'do not talk to each other' so there is no problem of compatibility ( just select all console/gateway/sensors with the same frequency )
- for 'compatibility questions' see this must read post

Thanks, that cleared a few things up :).


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