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Something that can handle the snow... ?


#1 Goal - I am looking for a weather system that can do logging to my computer system so I can do what I want with the data. (I'll have a dedicated virtual system setup for this)
#2 Goal - I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains and we get a lot of heavy wet snow... sometimes we'll wake up to 2ft, I don't want to worry about something breaking and I also would like to be able to get weather info in these storms... if I lose wind sensor after awhile that's OK, as long as temp\humidity\etc continue to work.
#3 Goal - I Don't want the rain sensor to freeze or break off due to snow\ice build-up.

Big picture goals are to have two outdoor sensors one out in the open, and one shaded under tree canopy as well as having a couple indoor sensors.
Ideally I would like to add particulate sensors for outdoor and indoor at some point too.

What are my options?

Lufft WS600 or WS700 or WS800

The Gateway could be an option. Not cheap but allows for many sensors in different combinations. Many sensors are available. Also many different ways to share data.


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