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wifilogger2 disconnected


My Wi-Fi logger was working fine and then it just quit connecting. I've done a full reset and no matter what I do I have even tried two different SSID it just says disconnected

Garth Bock:
Have you restarted your WiFi router/modem ? I had problems with my WiFi Logger and other devices dropping connection. Restarted the router and everything came back up. Turned out it was the crappy modem I got from CenturyLink. They replaced it and things improved but the modem would then started just dropping offline. They replaced it with a brand new one which fixed all the problems.

Yes I have a smart home with lots of devices and a ubiquity UDM pro

In such case rebooting router fix the issue.
If your network is more complicated, then it can be not easy reboot all of them :(

If you put the latest firmware 2.38 and you reach step 1 of Factory Reset
You will reset not only SSID and PASS to your network, but you will also erase memory of last connected network. Maybe this could help.
WiFiLogger is reconnecting router on startup using old settings from previous success communication.

If this operation will not help, then you have to reboot all routers and access points. :(


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