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Replacing Davis Vantage Vue?

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I've had my David VV for about 13-14yrs. It seems to have finally developed a fault that is expensive/technically challenging to fix. I think the capacitor is dying. Even with a new battery it stops transmitting for 6hrs overnight. Anyway After a bit of research I've come down to the following options:
1. Replace the Davis VV Sensor suite - CA$ 317
2. Get an ECOWITT HP2553 - CA$ 349

It needs to be able to upload data to meteotemplate. Preferably directly and not via wunderground. I currently use weathercat (via a davis usb datalogger) on an old mac to do this.

If I go with 2) - then i think i need a meteobridge?

I'm happy to spend a bit more if there are other solutions that would work well. Also would like my next station to also last >10yrs.

Hoping Gyvate sees this as he posted a useful reply here last year

my webpage -

If you go for ecowitt you can upload to meteotemplate using the ecowitt plugin ( in addition you can use the ecowittModule block to check the status of your sensors )
You don't need a meteobridge, you can use the 'custom upload' function of the ecowitt console
Regarding ecowitt sensors life, I can't say anything ( as my station is only 1 year old )


--- Quote from: dtwrlewis on March 05, 2022, 06:03:04 PM --- Also would like my next station to also last >10yrs.

--- End quote ---
Then I highly suggest a VP2. Mine will be 15 this summer. Besides, if you go elsewhere, you'll miss those 2-2.5 second updates on the wind if you go other than Davis, and the VP2 is easily "fixable" compared to the Vue. Get what you pay for.

Noticed you are on meteotemplate 17.1, the plugin and block I referred are certainly compatible with meteotemplate 18.0, but I never tested on 17.1


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