Author Topic: STILL running VWS after all thee years - anyone figured out the YYYYMMDD.BIN?  (Read 757 times)

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I continue to run VWS after many years, and until windows did an unscheduled update reboot all was fine. but this dirty reboot corrupted the setup/summary*/*.BIN files and all het was introduced into the yearly, monthly and daily records for 6/19/2023. I deleted the 2312.bin the 20231231.bin and the 202312.bin files, and restarted VWS. But the bad extremes(e.g. low temp of 0F on a day that never got lower than 82). I know how to delete a single bad record from the database, and how to change daily database records, but somewhere there remains a bad bit of data in a bin I'd love to figureout what program would open them for editing.

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I am also continuing to keep VWS running, though not reliant on it's data, like in the old days  :roll:

Underneath \VWS\SETUP\SUMMARY are BIN files that contain it's yearly, monthly and daily summaries in filenames of yyyy.bin,  yyyy_mm.bin and yyyy_mm_dd.bin respectively. I can modify them by using "Settings", "Recall Daily, Monthly and Yearly Archive" and selecting any of the yearly, monthly, or daily bin files ...

Does that point you in a direction?  :-)

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Still running VWS here too along with other weather software (thanks to VVPro). A WiFiLogger in an Envoy feeds VWS on the weather computer while an Envoy with serial logger feeds VVPro on the same computer. I like the drag and drop customizable display. The only other one like it was WeatherView 32 but the owner Dave Heider (sp?) recently announced he was temporarily shutting down.