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WH57 Lightning Detector - lots of false positives

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Just added a WH57 Lightning detector to my setup..

I'm seeing lots of false positives...

This is Utah in Feb/Mar after all  :?

I've tried having it indoors and outdoors.  Also tried changing sensitivity to low...

Speaking of changing the sensitivity, according to the manual, the default is all switches down.. but my unit came with all the switches in what I would call the UP position.  Notice in one of the other posts here, somebody else mentioned theirs came all UP also.

The diagrams are a bit confusing as they are black & white and the actual movable piece of the switch is white.
Thus, I think in the diagrams the black square represents the movable white switch correct?

I just moved all of them down, still saw false I've moved the last two up for low sensitivity..
Currently have the switch located indoors, on a outside wall.

Not really seeing much of a difference...

Here's a link to my page

Any thoughts?

From the manual:
Dip switch 1, default setting is for “outdoor”, no matter the sensor is placed indoor or outdoor, set this dip switch to outdoor to avoid system picks up noise and triggering false lightning.

Dip switch 2, default setting is for long antenna, as this is the antenna used inside. Please do not make any change with this dip switch setting .

Dip switch 3,4 Default setting is for sensitivity between high and mid. If you think the sensor picked up a lot false lightning strikes , then please try with sensitivity Mid or Low. If sensor
missed lightning detection, you may try with high sensitivity setting. If set to high sensitivity and still has missed lightning detection, then you may try with Dip switch 1 for “Indoor” setting to make the system even with higher gain and make the system most sensitive.
Default for all the 4 switches are in Down Position.

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Just ordered one with a GW1000 to add to my setup. Hope I see better results!


--- Quote from: Mandrake on March 01, 2021, 12:00:14 PM ---From the manual:

--- End quote ---

I've read the manual, confusing as it may be given that the physical switches are white and the diagram apparently shows them as the black portion, not the white portion...

Also, as mentioned, all my switches were UP when I got the unit.  As of now, I have them:
dn, dn, up, up.

But  I'm still seeing false positives, 1-3/5min period; which is better than it has been...

Any suggestions?  Do I have a bad unit perhaps?

Its possible that you have a faulty unit. Always easy to try replacing it.
I would do that if you have tried moving it around the house, placing it in an out building etc


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