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NWR County Coverage Webpages Inaccurate
« on: September 21, 2022, 10:39:11 PM »
I have been doing a little research and I have found something interesting. Little bit of backstory: On September 8th, the NWS in Spokane issued a Dust Storm Warning for Adams, Grant, and Lincoln Counties...but it was never relayed over NWR Station WWF56, which covers Adams and Grant counties. Severe Thunderstorm and Flash Flood Warnings are relayed fine for those two, but not Dust Storms Warnings. I asked NWS Pendleton about this on Twitter, but never got a reply back. After a quick look on the NWR County Coverage Listing and Maps for Washington State, it seems like WWF56 is the only NWR Station to cover Adams County...but I saw a video today on YouTube from someone by the name of EASJim, who recorded a Weekly Test on WXM48...which included Adams County. That can be found here: WXM48 does not show on the County Listing as a NWR Station to cover Adams County.

I looked at the County Coverage Maps for more local stations, and found that the map/county listing for WXL95 does not include Baker County, OR but in the Weekly Test message from NWS PDT, Baker county is included...and has been observed to warn for that county multiple times. The WWH27 and WWH28 pages are similar with Benton County, WA (my county)...but the actual broadcast combines those two callsigns, so am not sure how to treat that. Anyway, neither of them show Benton County as a county covered, but has been observed to warn for it. Every once in a while, WWF56 and WWH27/WWH28 broadcast a warning at the same time. \:D/

That is as far as I know the local NWR Coverage Pages to be different from what is actually implemented. Course, I could be overlooking something...or someone knows more about these topics than me...I would appreciate any information that anyone has on this.
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