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Weewx and vantage


What is this? From systemctl status weewx

vantage.__init__(self, **config_dict[DRiver_NAME]§)
File “home/john/weewx/src/weewx/src/weewx/drivers/”, line 536, in __init__
File “home/john/weewx/src/weewx/src/weewx/drivers/”, line 359, in openport
  raise weewx.weeWxIOerror(ex)
whew.weeWxIOerror: (Errno -2) name or service not known
CRITICAl  __ main __ : unable to load driver: [Errno -2] name or service not known
weewx service: Main process exited,  code=exited status=4/NO PERMISSION

all preceeded by CRITICAL weewx engine

Looks like a permission error to me.

Suggest you look at and!-Posting-to-weewx-user and especially the bottom of

Assuming you are running v5 it is probable that the user weewx is running as needs to be added to the proper group(s) to access the hardware.

I’m so frustrated getting weewx to work. It is probably worth the price to pay someone to install it and the saratoga software that works on a sd card for my pi4.

I think weewx works but there is a config problem after adding the saratoga-weather software and updating weewx.conf. Really frustrating.

Sure, $500/hour with 5 hours pre-paid in cash and we can talk :-)

Basically nobody can help you in the absence of pretty much 'any' information other than words saying you're frustrated.  Thousands of people run weewx.  Many hundreds use a vantage.  Many people use Saratoga.  So it's definitely doable.

But without you providing any debug=1 logs as per the how do I report a problem guidelines, nobody can help you at all.

Get weewx working with nothing else added.  Then add Saratoga.  Nibble away at it.


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