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What Controls which NOAA text files are loaded


I have just upgraded station hardware from Oregan scientific 300 to Davis Vantage Pro following wind indicator failure.  I have also upgraded to WeeWX 4.10.2 runing on raspberry pi 4B.  I tried to merge databases between between oregan data and Davis data but was not successful.

I am now trying to use the NOAA txt files as my source of history data from the holder station, loading the monthly and yearly txt files with the dropdowns in the seasons index.html file.  However not all the monthly files at are in the NOAA sub directory of /var/www/html/weewx/NOAA are visible in the drop down.  Specifically i have files from oct 2023 back to jan 2020 in the NOAA subdirectory, but can only see files back for Aug 2020.  When I look in the index/html file which is created every reporting cycle that it have monthly file between current month and 2020-08 detailed as <option value="2020-08">2020-08</option> but no any earlier.  What controls what lines relating to the NOAA files get included in index.html and tabular.html, so I can get it to go back to the 2020-01 file.

Thanks for help.  Mike H


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