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Ecowitt web cam?


I'm using an Ecowitt weather station GW1100 type, and I'm looking to set up a weather web cam for uploading to my own site and other sites such as
Just wondered if anyone here uses the Ecowitt HP10 cam and has any thoughts, good or bad, on it
One thing that worries me slightly is, according to the spec on Amazon, it only works down to 0C - not much good in winter even in the UK




You can find some discussions of the Ecowitt HP10 on the Ecowitt forum, too, such as this one:

The author of that thread is based in Germany and may have some insights on your temperature concerns.

Thanks, looks a very informative article, interestingly I have both a Windows system and Linux system running 24/7 for other projects so should be able to something with that  [tup]

I have one and the plus side it's very easy to setup and to grab an image is pain-free.  It's also very small, compact, so you can mount it and it wont stick out like a sore thumb (unlike many security bullet cams).  Uses a wide angle such that it works well to capture the sky for cloud coverage.  Since it uses a USB power you could probably concoct a solar panel battery setup really easy with off the shelf parts, assuming you had no power supply nearby. No fees, or any of that subscription based nonsense.  Bad part is the image quality is not that great but if you have a thumbnail sized image for web purposes then it don't really matter that much.  The wide angle also introduces noticeable edge distortion but that's a given for any wide angle that could do the same. 


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