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Hello all,

First time poster here :-)  I think I'm in the correct area.  Please let me know if not.  Can someone explain how I should configure Apache on my Mac so I can allow my WS-5000 to post via https write (Ambient Weather protocol) to my web folder?  I'm pretty new to this.  I've got Apache running and see my "It Works!" page from all my networked computers in my home.  I'm using the most basic config for Apache.  I haven't modified it from it's default.  I've configured AWNET with my server's IP, and /data/? as the folder.  But I'm not seeing anything in my web folder.  (I only want this available within my home network.  I'm not trying to go outside anything within my local home network). Can someone help me along?  :-)


First, you'll need to make sure that Apache is configured to use HTTPS. To do this, you'll need to generate an SSL certificate and configure Apache to use it. There are many tutorials available online that can guide you through this process, such as this one from DigitalOcean: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-create-a-self-signed-ssl-certificate-for-apache-in-ubuntu-18-04

Once you have configured Apache for HTTPS, you'll need to create a directory within your web root where you can receive the data being sent by your WS-5000. To do this, open Terminal on your Mac and navigate to the web root directory by typing cd /Library/WebServer/Documents. Then, create a new directory to receive the data by typing sudo mkdir awdata.

Next, you'll need to give Apache permission to write to this directory by typing sudo chown -R _www:wheel awdata and sudo chmod -R 775 awdata.

Finally, you'll need to configure Ambient Weather to post the data to the correct URL using HTTPS. The URL should be in the format https://<your-mac-ip-address>/awdata/, where <your-mac-ip-address> is the local IP address of your Mac.

I hope this helps get you started with configuring Apache for use with Ambient Weather! Let me know if you have any further questions or issues.

This is exactly the type of help I needed to move forward!  Thank you so much for your reply!  I will give this a try soon and report back my success.  I know there are others out there with these same questions. 


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