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Thanks for Weewx 4.10.1!


Big shout out toTom and Weewx development team!

My WU RF died after a power interruption in early January; attempts to self-fix = miserable failure...

Today I tried Weewx 4.10.1: not only the easiest upgrade, but instant RF restored!!! THANKS!

I've just sent pm to Wojtek:

Thanks for your help re releasing Port 22222 on my Pi running weewx.

I'm running a crude fix, because Weewx can't release the port:

crontab : */5 * * * * sudo /etc/init.d/weewx restart

While it would be nice to have Weewx RF and WL frequent updates, I'm happy with WL getting 5-minute updates.

...always loved RF


--- Code: ---4.10.2 MM/DD/YYYY

Removed errant "f-string" in
Added missing ".long_form" to that would cause total daylight to be given in seconds, instead of long form.

Fix problem that a None value in long_form() would raise an exception. PR #843. Thanks to user Karen!

The module `user.extensions` is now imported into `wee_reports`. Thanks to user jocelynj! PR #842.
--- End code ---


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