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Heads-up: Windows 10 Update 2022-05 (KB5013942) kills VirtualVP...


I installed 2022-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 21H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5013942) today.

VirtualVP would no longer start.  It displayed an error message about TooltipIcon.visible not being available.  Tried multiple compatibility settings w/wo administrator, and no dice.  Had to rollback that Cumulative Update to have VirtualVP work again on my system.

I'll post more when I find a resolution.

Ok, very curious... On my development system (Windows 10 also), the KB5013942 installed, and after reboot,  VirtualVP started just fine and ran normally.
Grrrr... I backed out the update on the weather station system, rebooted and VirtualVP ran fine again.

Now to dig into what was updated in KB5013942

its likely to do with showing the system tray icon and trying to make that visible even if windows is trying to hide system tray icons (to stop clutering)
and a info message (balloon) above that system tray icon

More data:  I reinstalled (with windows update) the KB5013624 .NET update, and the KB5013942 update 2022-05 still showed as installed (even though I'd done a rollback on it) ?!?

Shutdown the system to reboot and install the updates.

I set VirtualVP to have no compatibility setting, and not to run as administrator.

Lo and behold, VirtualVP came up normally with no complaints.   Argggh... I really hate non-reproducible errors, but it looks like it's resolved for me now.


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