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HOWTO: Adjust WeeWX when upgrading a Davis temp/humidity sensor

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This is pretty straightforward but I figured I'd post it here to get it online and Google-able if someone else needs to do it: When replacing the temp/humidity sensor on a Davis weather station and going from an older 7346-166 (Sensiron SHT15) to the current 7346.070 (Sensiron SHT31), you need to add a temperature offset of -0.5C for the new sensor.  To do this:

--- Code: ---sudo vi /etc/weewx/weewx.conf
  outTemp = outTemp - 0.5
sudo /etc/init.d/weewx restart

--- End code ---
Keep an eye on whatever you're using to monitor the weather station stats and you'll see it jump by around 0.5C at the next update.

You should make the adjustment in the station, then the console will read correctly - along with any other software like weewx that reads from it. It also means the dew point and wind chill will be calculated correctly.

How do you make the adjustment in the station?  It's a sealed, non-user-adjustable device isn't it?

Station = console + ISS (+ any supplementary transmitters/sensors). Offset adjustments are made to the console.

If you're not using a console, eg Weatherlink Live instead, then look at Advanced Settings in Device configuration on the browser interface online.

I'm using an SDR to read data directly from the ISS, there's nothing between the ISS and WeeWX.


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