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Weathersite DIY construction thread using a Pi 4b.

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Very slick. Nice work! I agree that the original display console is getting long in the tooth. A WLL and your solution is a very nice way to go and an incredibly affordable way to add multiple displays.

- What OS are you using?

- Will you consider another form of distribution that is not an image so that those that have a Pi for other uses might be able to use them for dual duty? For example someone may have a Pi-hole or maybe Cumulus MX and those don't really need much resources so adding your application might be a better investment. Now there are things that I would not put on a Pi-hole system that take too many resources...but this might work.???

This topic specifically targets Raspberry Pi OS (which is a debian variant), but actually you can run the server on anything that you can install GIT utilities and Node.js on.  It will for sure run on the same platform that you have CumulusMX on.  Go over to the design/build thread to find out how.  Post 1 has full instructions.  Full disclosure: I'll be updating those instructions tomorrow to handle the v1.5 release changes, but the gist of the way to run the server won't change much.

Important Update!
edit: Weathersite actually can't co-exist on the same server with any other product that attaches to the WLL.  This includes CumulsMX.  The reason is that the 2.5 second "live" updates are UDP broadcasts over port 22222.  Only one process at a time can listen on a given port so somebody will not receive UDP updates if more than one app is installed on the same server.  The result will be that real-time updates will fail for no good reason on some of the installed apps.

Okay good to hear that it can also be deployed without the image. I had not been following the other thread too closely.

I've fixed a charts bug that can crop up when weathersite doesn't get a reply back from the WLL during one of its 5 minute update cycles.  You can install the fix by sshing into your weathersite server.  Then enter "updateweathersite" (no quotes).

Does anyone have an example systemd file to set this up as a service? 


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