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Weathersite DIY construction thread using a Pi 4b.

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FYI: a new weathersite update has been posted to the repository.  If you are using climacell to retrieve forecast data you will need this update. 

FYI: Bugfix pushed to the repo.  On the wind chart, wind direction arrows, an average direction of SE incorrectly showed as N.

For those of you who are using wunderground for weathersite zoomed in radar displays, you may have noticed that the base reflectivity feeds are showing "station down for maintenance".  It doesn't look like the BR feeds are going to ever resume (this is a Nexrad decision), so you can flip weathersite to the composite feed by changing "type=N0Q" in the URL to "type=NCR".

Local radar data gif images are available from NOAA again!  See Post 2 in this thread for how to set weathersite's zoomed-in path again.  From a larger perspective, this capability replaces the older api that many of us have used which gradually went dead recently.


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