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Weathersite DIY construction thread using a Pi 4b.

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The service requires "forever" (a process monitor that ensures app.js runs continuously).  Check the repo for "weathersite service script.txt". 

This is great - thank you for making this available!

I have this set up on my Pi 3 that is also running my Cumulus MX server and everything seems to be connected properly as the temperature and baro update correctly. There is a problem though, the wind speed only shows in the 10 minute average (with the wind gust showing 0 mph all the time) and the direction isn't shown on the compass rose.

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And right now the current wind speed is showing as False when it is 10 mph. Is there a setting somewhere that I missed in the set up?
Thank you in advance for any help!

*Edit to add that the wind direction shows up on the history graph.

The information that's missing is from the 2.5 second WLL broadcast.  That is usually caused by your server that runs Node being on a different subnet than your WLL.  WLL uses UDP broadcast to send the 2.5 second updates and so this means that only devices on the same IP subnet as the WLL can receive them.  First, check the WLL ip address in settings against the results of "ifconfig" from a terminal window of your Pi.  It'll be the eth0 address if cable connected or the wlan0 address if WiFi connected.  If the two addresses are on different subnets then check the troubleshooting tips (post #2 of this thread) for a solution.  If both addresses are part of the same subnet then check the weathersite logs on /var/log/weathersite.log.  Are you seeing regular messages that say "UDP request processed"?  If this is the case then I'm guessing you may have an interesting anemometer configuration (or a large number of ISS transmitters) and we might need to chat more.  Edit: Good news is that it looks like you don't.  Your configuration (wind vane/anemometer on its own transmitter, davis ISS on its own transmitter) is the same as mine.

Also, if you are running a custom Pi setup and not my weathersite image then there won't be a /var/log/weathersite.log.  Instead you'll need to monitor the messages coming from node itself.

Thank you for the tip. I'll check the ifconfig output when I get a chance, but I have to confess that I don't understand servers and subnet masks confuse the hell out of me. I can ssh and type commands but that is about the extent of my knowledge.
But on the other hand I would think my WLL and pi are on the same subnet since Cumulus receives the 2.5 second wind updates.

I'm running stock Rasbian with Cumulus and Weathersite installed. I don't know how to monitor the messages from the node (or even really know what a node is).

I really appreciate you taking the time to try to figure this out.


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