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Weathercat and Weatherlink IP data logger


I have been using the following setup for a few years : Vantage Pro -> console -> Weatherlink IP data logger -> WeatherCat -> own website.

However recently my Weatherlink IP data logger keeps crashing - no response from the IP address.  I have updated the firmware with no success.  To restore it I have to remove it from the back of the console and plug it back in - the problem is all this is at a remote site so is a pain to do (a 500 mile round trip to fix!)

Now Davis have discontinued the IP day logger is there a better way to get the data into Weathercat to process the charts etc for my website?  Was thinking Meteobridge Pro red? 

It is hard to site the console next to the Mac running Weathercat - and ideally I would like to run the Mac at different site connected via VPN - thus making a USB data logger impractical. 

Any suggestions on the best path from here to keep my set up working and remove the reliability issue with the IP logger?

Many thanks,


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