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is there any Mac software that works with rainwise MK-III-LR weather station :grin:


--- Quote from: pwdiver on August 03, 2015, 10:37:26 PM ---is there any Mac software that works with rainwise MK-III-LR weather station :grin:

--- End quote ---
weewx works with rainwise hardware and runs on osx.

this guide is a bit stale but still has the relevant bits:

there is no weewx application per se - just a daemon that runs in the background.  it collects data from your station, generates web pages and plots, optionally rsync/ftp to a cloudy webserver, and optionally uploads to uw, cwop, twitter, mqtt, etc.  use any web browser to see what your station is doing.

if you decide to try you'll get plenty of help and encouragement at the weewx-user group:


I believe Weathersnoop will work as well:

GetWare has developed a Mac application supporting the AcuRite USB devices.  This application is not affiliated with AcuRite.

Check it out on the Mac App Store:

New member here. Just got a Texas Weather Instruments WLS-8000. It came with Weatherview 32 software that runs on a PC only. Data is transmitted through an RS-232 serial port via a null modem cable(supplied)and adapter cable(after purchase)that fits my 15 pin port on my older PC. I've been unable to download the drivers necessary to allow for the station and PC to communicate. Rather than struggle anymore, does anyone know if I can just buy different software and run my WLS-8000 with my new Mac laptop via an RS-232/USB adapter cable? Thanks very much.


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