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weatherdisplay aprs
« on: September 23, 2007, 10:32:50 AM »
yes i am sending out on the internet fine and its tcpip no diges u hering me can some 1 help me set up step by step on weatherdisplay the aprs i have 3 tmd700a not seeing the data on thim ???? thank you shane naylor and if you want to give me a call  let me no

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Re: weatherdisplay aprs
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2007, 12:04:33 PM »

Your weather data is being sent onto the Internet fine. Your main Findu page is and your weather info is at . This means that Weather Display is doing its job at getting your weather data onto the Internet APRS system

As I stated in your other thread, since you are sending your weather data directly on to the Internet with Weather Display, there is no automatic way in place for it to be sent back out over RF at your location, or anywhere else.

There is no setting in Weather Display that will make this happen, either.

Someone with an RF APRS station and an internet connection has to do that.

If i read your post correctly, you seem to have 3 Kenwood TM-D700s. You could use one of them for your home APRS station, and sent the data yourself. Otherwise, you will need to find another local station to do it for you.

APRS was originally, after all, an amateur radio protocol transmitted over-the-air. The addition of weather data to it came later, as did the gating of APRS data onto the internet.

The reverse gating of data from the Internet back onto RF is possible and is done, but it has to be done with care.  The first need is to ensure that all applicable FCC rules are followed regarding content transmitted over amateur frequencies. The second is to be a responsible APRS operator and not flood the local APRS channel with too many packets. APRS weather shouldn't be transmitted locally via radio more than once every 10 minutes or so, to minimize congestion.

Since this thread is substantially the same as your previous one, perhaps a kind forum mod will merge the 2.

I do appreciate the fact that you turned caps lock off. It would also make reading your posts much easier and you might get more responses if you used a little punctuation and perhaps the spell check button. I had a difficult time figuring out exactly what you were trying to say.