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Disable Tri-arm WS65
« on: November 10, 2022, 04:45:54 PM »
I'm having problems with 2 stations operating together.  To try and fix my problem, I want to disable (stop wireless transmission) of my WS80 array to help me troubleshoot.

Is there any way to switch it off?  I know I can take the batteries out and cover the solar panel with black tape, but how can I discharge the capacitor?  Or is there a switch somewhere that I missed?
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Re: Disable Tri-arm WS65
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2022, 04:15:08 AM »
I am not aware of a physical off switch as it were, however, all you need to do on your G1000's and any other console is set the WS65 to be disabled in the sensor ID page and then the WS65 will be ignored.

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Re: Disable Tri-arm WS65
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2022, 04:24:42 AM »
if you still want to disable (= make powerless) either the WS69/WH65 or the WS80 sensor array (or both) for troubleshooting, you will have to wait for some time (3-4 days) with the batteries taken off and the solar panel being tightly covered.
The super-capacitor will get discharged over that time period - until it "finishes off" (LED no longer blinking) it will continue transmitting data.
Another simple option with less waiting time would be just to take it away about 500 m from your console (e.g. in a car) for your troubleshoot period  8-).
Then your console(s) won't be able to receive the array signals either.
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