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Multiple Weather Stations


I have a question. We will be upgrading our main weather station today from the WS-2902C to the WS-2000 so that we can connect the outdoor lightning sensor to it.

Once they are changed out we are planning on installing the WS-2902C on our Communications Van to be used as a mobile weather station that can be deployed across the island as we track storms, and also set up at disaster shelter locations to provide accurate weather data after a disaster. The question comes up concerning our station identifier for the CWOP system.

We use our club callsign KH6ERO as our station identifier for our main weather station at our office, are we able to use KH6ERO/M as the station identifier for the mobile weather station? Or we could use either KH6ERO/6 or KH6ERO/13. 6 represents a “special activity” where 13 represents a weather station on the APRS system. Not sure which way would be best for the CWOP system when we would have two different weather stations reporting data to the system.

RC Anderson


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