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Random Timeout Error

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I have recently started receiving timeout errors after updating a few out of date scripts shown doing my routine "check-fetch-times". I am using GoDaddy hosting. When I ftp into the server I can see that Cumulus is updating properly. I was still on PHP 7.2 so I updated to 8.1 and that had no effect. Without being able to load the page I am not able to look for problems. I do have an error in my error file, however I don't think it would prevent my site from loading.

Suggestions please, thank you.


Edit: It is not loading at all now - the reason I can't look for issues.

Your site loaded fast for me just now.

Thank you for the reply. That has me scratching my head. I have tried multiple browsers, cleared the cache, all the usual "first checks". I have attempted using three different PC's all with the same result. I'm stumped on this one.

Works really fast for me too on my mobile.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
See if your host has 'blocked' your IP, if you've been doing a lot of server work today.


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