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Has anyone thought to try rechargeable batteries in the Atlas? I know it doesn't call for them, but it seems to be charging the batteries I have in there. I think I am going to try them and see what happens.I know the sensor works much better when it stays in full sun. I used to have it shaded by a tree at times, and it didn't do well there.

Interesting thought, so I decided to check and see what AcuRite said about batteries in general.

AcuRite does suggest not using rechargeable because voltage instability of those types of batteries may cause performance irregularities. They also suggest that if you’re draining batteries too quickly to check all the sensor connections in the Atlas.

Curious to find out what happens when you try the rechargeable batteries.

What Batteries are Recommended for use in AcuRite Products?

AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Draining Batteries


I put some in earlier today. So far they are working fine. They were about 60% full. The light is not on warning of low battery on the Atlas display.

I always thought the solar panels were just used to power the internal aspirating fan, and the batteries powered everything else. Since the fan only runs during the day, my thought was that it was wired independently from the batteries and not in series with the battery. I think if the solar panels were covered and blocked from the sunlight that the fan wouldn’t operate. So, I’m pretty sure the fan isn’t drawing any power from the batteries. But what do I know?

It would make more sense to have the solar panels in series with the batteries so it could also recharge them.

Not sure how you will determine if your batteries are being recharged. So, I'm looking forward to finding out what you determine.

The solar panels power the fan, but also the sensor transmitter for the Atlas. It is not like the 5n1 where the solar panels are only wired to the fan motor. Unfortunately, I didn't have much sunshine today, so I will have to wait and see a few more days if the batteries start to charge a bit. I have no idea if the battery compartment is wired to the solar, and that is why I thought I would try this.


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