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Very intermittent Atlas communication to WiFi display


Has anyone had problems with very spotty reporting from Atlas to WiFi display or to Access? I have had Acurite products for several years, with an old 5-in-1 (Iris) unit still operating and reliable. However, my experience with Atlas and Access has been terrible. I finally gave up on Access because of connectivity issues and bought a Direct to WiFi display and connected the Atlas. That setup worked for a while and then became unreliable to the point of having no connectivity. Working with the chat reps. (limited hours and no direct telephone support!!!) they finally gave up and sent me a new Atlas and display under warranty, telling me to keep or discard the old one.

I now have two Atlas units, each connected via a Direct to WiFi display, with the new one also connected to a touchscreen (non-WiFi) display. The distance between the new Atlas and its displays is about 10-15 feet. Now the new one (as well as the old one) has issues. Sometimes it reports in every 5 minutes as designed, and other times (most days) it skips readings for an hour or two. I've done many factory resets of the new Atlas and both displays to which it is connected, put fresh batteries in the Atlas at ridiculously short intervals, and anything else I can think of. I know that now if I get back to the chat reps, we will go through the same drill of factory resets, but I've done all that.

Any thoughts, or similar experiences?

The only thing I know for you to try that worked better than anything for me is to try moving either the displays or Atlas sensor to a different location. I moved the Atlas to a different spot in the yard, and that fixed most of my signal loss.

The Altas uses a 433 MHz wireless frequency. A lot of devices use the 433 MHz frequency, like home automation devices and a bunch of other stuff. You might have to identify and locate the other 433 MHz devices near the Atlas that maybe causing your interference. As suggested by DoctorKnow try moving the Atlas or your other 433 MHz devices to different locations.

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The Atlas has a channel A-B-C switch located inside the battery compartment. Try using a different channel.


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