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Repairing Youshiko 7 in 1 YC1136 sensor with missing outdoor temp.



I had a Youshiko YC9391 7 in 1 weather station which is a CCL made weather station, I think C6075A as seen here:

It's also known as a Bresser 7 in 1, Garni 2055 Arcus and other variations are out there.

The outdoor sensor had stopped reporting UV Index and the outdoor temperature and humidity, even though the screen showed a good connection.

The fan was also fully seized, the sensor had been used near the sea so the salt had gotten in. A good few baths in GT85 spray and a good cleaning and it freed right up and spun when a 1.5V battery was connected.

I used rtl_433 with an RTL SDR and this displayed the data using the Bresser protocol like so:
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As you can see the temperature was showing 1.5C and humidity 15 - both wrong. The wind gust & speed along with direction did all update, and the rain sensor also increased as the bucket was pressed.

Light and UV index also never left 0.

When I took the UV shield off and cleaned things up I realised that some of the wires weren't connected as they had corroded so badly and traces were exposed. One of the pads had completely corroded away and I couldn't solder onto the bare board.
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A teardown of the sensor showed it was a Sensirion SHT31.

A quick look on Amazon and I had a new CQRobot Ocean SHT31 board on the way with the membrane to give the sensor an IP67 rating. The board itself wasn't weather rated so I've coated it in MG Chemicals 422C Conformal Coating which is like a lacquer to stop water ingres (in theory!). The connector is covered in dialectric grease.

As I'd had issues soldering the factory equipment I decided to try and use Dex gel crimps also full of dialectric grease. I cut the ends off the CQOcean cabling and cut back the factory cables to get rid of the corroded pieces.

I tested the board and it all worked which was a miracle.
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I had to create a new 3d printed part to hold the new larger sensor board in place.

The UV readings I moved onto next, and the sensor looked corroded under the plastic piece at the top. It had damage from the previous owner, not sure if it had been dropped at some point as there were a couple of cracks.

It's an Silicon Laboratories SI1133 sensor in this part.
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The plastic top came off once I'd sawed the glue away, and it was really badly corroded. A few baths with 99% IPA and it came up looking much better.
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Amazingly after it all dried out the UV sensor started working!
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Now the UV sensor was working and the fan had freed up I realised it was now spinning away whenever the sun was out and giving enough current via the solar panel :)

I've bought a couple of SI1145 sensors but I don't need them now so may use one to make a warning for when the kids need to wear sunscreen :)

Just a case of waiting for tomorrow now as hoping to get a sunny day and this should let me test it all out in the great outdoors.

It's messy but for now to seal up the UV sensor and cracks I've used hot glue to seal everything (likewise the same where the cables to the SHT31 sensor go into the inside). I thought about applying proper sealant but if this works then hot glue may be enough and is easily removable if water does get in again and it needs repair.

Time will tell but fingers crossed this will work for a while now.

Hopefully this will help someone else if you ever come across this problem with the sensor failing  [tup]

For reference the sensors in the outdoor unit are:
Temp / Humidity - Sensirion SHT31
UV Index / Ambient Light - Silicon Laboratories SI1133
Wind - AMS AS5600

This was how the original temp sensor sat:
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And the new one in place with the new 3d printed holder in black:
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The Dex gel clamps hidden away inside:
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