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Custom MB status page
« on: March 04, 2022, 05:33:07 PM »
I wanted to have a quick way to get info about my local web server, Pi, Meteobridge, and IIS without having to go and check each individually. 
So I created a status page with a lot of basic info that I can use as a start of troubleshooting before logging into each device.

Its implemented as a simple include at the end of wxstatus; no other changes needed for wxstatus.

It is divided into 4 sections of data that you can customize.
Note some major caveats listed below (and I'm unable to test in other environs)
1) For the webserver, this is just some php but it is Apache specific, so it won't work if you are on Nginx, etc,
2) The hardware performance is specific to a Pi and Linux.  I don't know how specific it is to Debian.  You could search for similar code for Windows
3) Hardware info about the Meteobridge just requires data.
4) For sensor array info -- add or take out what you want.
Both 3 & 4 rely on a lot of additions to MBtags-template.txt to get the data.
Provided as is.  You could do a lot of things to improve it, but its good enough for me for now.

File attached (hopefully).  MBtags changes:
Code: [Select]
wvar mbsystem-stationnum Meteobridge station number
wvar mbsystem-ip Meteobridge IP
wvar mbsystem-lanip Meteobridge LAN IP
wvar mbsystem-wlanip Meteobridge WLAN IP
wvar mbsystem-lastdata last data; last good data already availabale
wvar data10num-act CPU load, actual
wvar data10num-avg1 CPU load, 1 minute average
wvar data10num-avg5 CPU load, 5 minute average
wvar data10num-avg15 CPU load, 15 minute average
wvar data11num-act uptime
wvar data12num-act data use, actual
wvar data12num-avg1 data use, 1 minute average
wvar data12num-avg5 data use, 5 minute average
wvar data12num-avg15 data use, 15 minute average
wvar data13num-act memory use, actual
wvar data13num-avg1 memory use, 1 minute average
wvar data13num-avg5 memory use, 5 minute average
wvar data13num-avg15 memory use, 15 minute average
wvar data14num-act power W
wvar data15num-act number of processes
wvar data16num-act sensor age
wvar data17num-act voltage
wvar data18num-act amps
wvar data19num-act data TX
wvar data19num-sum24h data TX
wvar data20num-act data RX
wvar data20num-sum24h data RX
wvar th0signal-act TH sensor signal
wvar th0lowbat-act TH sensor battery
wvar thb0signal-act THB sensor signal
wvar thb0lowbat-act THB sensor battery
wvar uv0signal-act UV sensor signal
wvar uv0lowbat-act UV sensor battery
wvar sol0signal-act solar sensor signal
wvar sol0lowbat-act solar sensor battery
wvar wind0signal-act wind sensor signal
wvar wind0lowbat-act wind sensor battery
wvar rain0signal-act rain sensor signal
wvar rain0lowbat-act rain sensor battery
wvar thb9temp-act internal board temperature
wvar thb9lowbat-act internal board battery

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