Author Topic: UK storm Eunice: WS80 vs WS68 comparison  (Read 245 times)

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UK storm Eunice: WS80 vs WS68 comparison
« on: February 18, 2022, 02:01:19 PM »
Thought this may be interested - for non-UK folks there is a big storm hitting south/west England. 122mph recorded at The Needles, record for England apparently. See news. Anyway I have my WS80 mounted on top of house together with my WS68 - roughly 0.5m clear of roofline and about 10m up. Where I live was on the edge of the 'red' Met Office zone. Peak here has been 82.8kph. Interesting relative plot of the wind gusts (kph), wind speed and direction of the two devices that are in same place. My thoughts on this data is typical of my observations in general - WS80 (pink) better at picking up gusty peaks and more stable on direction in high wind than WS68 (blue) - ignore their directional mis-alignment, general wind speed is quite aligned. I don't know if its better at picking up peaks because of the much higher reporting frequency (as discussed elsewhere). Stay safe everyone.
Edit: forgot to mention since I did the firmware upgrade on the WS80 I've seen none of the max-wind-speed 144kph erroneous readings (thanks Mauro et al for help).
Edit: the WS80 data is on wunderground as IKNEBW2 and the WS68 as IKNEBW3
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