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USB to SDI-12 ada[ter


I have many DTech or Gearmo USB to RS232 or 485 adapters, small, cheap, dependable.

I now have a sensor that really wants to talk in SDI-12, and the alternatives are a bit funny, so I'm trying to find a USB to SDI-12 adapter similar to what the other adapters do. 

All l can find is something from Vegetronix (sounds like it should come from Australia!) and it is nearly $150.

I looked on amazon and all I get with searches is SMA type cable connectors.

Is anyone aware of a reasonably priced SDI-12 to USB adapter like the DTech or Gearmo usb to RS232s?

Maybe this will work:

Indeed, it may very well do the job.  A lot to read and looks like a lot of software. Thanks.  Dale


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