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WSDL almanac help please
« on: February 08, 2022, 10:42:55 AM »
I have WSDL set up on a small PC reading data from a WXShield. All seems fine.

I am FTPing the data to a website which is working except the Almanac page.

On the PC (running the steam guages) the almanac shows the correct sunrise/sunset times.

On the web site the times are wrong. On cehcking the folder where the page is created prior to upload, it is wrong there as well.

I have checked the station coordinates and they seem OK for West of Scotoland:

Format:  DD.dddd
Lat:        55.3323 North
Lon:       004.4021 East

Does anybody there have any idea why this is happening ?

Any help much appreciated.


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