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Can I replace my Atlas with a new one for Wunderground share.


My old Atlas sensor has become a bit flaky and randomly shuts off every 6 months or so. I got it going again but I ordered a new one. When I upgraded from my 5in1 to the Atlas I couldn't find a way to just swap the new one into my shared account and had to setup a new one.
Seeing how it would be the same sensor, just a new one, can I just add it to the Access and update the information with out completely restarting with a new account this time?

Might not be fully understanding what you’re trying to do. But the “Access” can connect up to 7 compatible sensors and therefore could theoretically have seven different Atlases connected.

On under the “Share Weather” menu I would think you could delete the current “Share to Weather Underground” device and add a new one to whichever Atlas you want to have sending your data.

Yes, I just want to swap in the new Atlas with the old one without redoing the whole wunderground setup again. It does look like I should be able to just delete or swap to the new detected Atlas for the old one just want to make sure before I waste a bunch of time and mess something up. The Access sees my old 5n1 I got back from mom, just not sharing it but it shows up on the widget under the Atlas I am sharing.

If I remember right, you have to delete the old atlas, and then re-do the sharing again for the new one. In other words, the software won't just start sharing the new atlas with Wunderground once the old one has stopped reporting and / or been deleted.

I left the old account in place and just added the new sensor data and it connected and has been running ever since. My old one is Gilbert park, new one Gilbert Park 2 with a new station id. I deleted my old one that was running the 5n1 when I upgraded to the original Atlas and lost all that saved weather data.


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