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Atlas shut down again

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Well, my Atlas has shut down again for like the third time. I went on chat and they asked me to take some photos of the temp/humidity sensor and it was fine. Eventually they said it's out of warranty so I need to buy another sensor.
I have a early production unit I got in September of 2018 so I had several issues I ended up fixing myself and made them aware of them so they could improved the assembly and quality of the builds, plus in case it had more issues it was on record.
Last time it did it I tore it down and seated all the connections and touched up some funky solder joints but it refused to fire up so I sat it in the kitchen and eventually it came back to life so I put it back up and crossed my fingers. That was about 10 months ago or so waiting to see if it decides to wake back up yet again.
I just added the lightning detector and had to rework the fan wires so it wasn't constantly showing phantom lightning strikes any time the fan was running and a day later it shut down again and batteries are fine.
I think I'm just going to order a new stand alone Atlas from Amazon for a good price and then at least I'll have plenty of parts around even if it decides to fire up again soon, pretty frustrating but it has been in service a while now.
Posted on the Face Book forum too.

What issues did you fix? Did you use a display or access as the receiver? My second Atlas would not pick up on the access, but would on the display. If the sun was on it, the access would work however...

The plug for the U/V sensor had a wire that had gotten shoved almost all the way off the pin it was supposed to slide onto so I gently shoved it back into the plug onto the pin even with the other wires in the plug.
The fan wasn't in the cage right so I snapped it back into place and put everything back together and the fan was spinning again when the sun hit it.
The U/V index started reporting too and it stopped eating batteries after that too. So other than the weird random full no power shut down its been good since.

And of course it's now powered completely back up and reporting with excellent signal strength like I figured it eventually would, now that I've got a new one coming tomorrow. It hasn't reported any bogus lightning strikes either but it's been cold and rainy all day so fan probably isn't running.

These things are so odd. I'm wondering if it's the super cap?


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