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--- Quote from: daybreak on December 26, 2021, 10:20:58 AM ---Hi Steve,
If you don't mind I have one more question.   :grin: :grin: Are the channel one temperatures not in tenths of degrees?  For example my outside temp will show 48.2 etc  The soil probe shows 48.0 degrees.  I have it set for one decimal place but it's always zero.  Same way on the Davis Console.  It's no big deal, just curious.  Thanks.


--- End quote ---

Hey Richard,

Since the data is coming via the console, you're seeing it correctly with one decimal place that is ALWAYS 0.

I happen to have a Weatherlink Live receiving data from my Vantage Pro 2 in addition to receiving data at the console. Just now, when I view the data for Channel 1 temperature, VWS shows 64.0 while WLL shows 63.8. I don't really understand why Davis chose to report the data differently on the console.


Thanks Garth & Steve.   


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