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These devices are available for every decent offer.
The set was built in October 2020.
- The solar panel box belonging to the MeteoWind unit has two broken plastic screws (of the 4 total, they're very flimsy), so it's currently closed using sillicone kit to be sure. Cabling and sensors are all still OK, battery could probably use replacing.
- The indoor Laird Sentrius LoRaWAN gateway box is the laird sentrius rg186 "450-00012" model, with Date Code: 0220102, which, apparently is really old. Don't know why barani sent me such old hardware, but it worked fine until early december. It does update with firmware for all RG1xx units. I have not gotten it to connect to TTN V3 yet, something's wrong with that, but I'm not sure what it is. I currently have no time solving that, the interfacing for these sensors is quite complex, and you need to be half a coder to get their data shown on a webpage in public, because thus far the only site uploads to is WU, and even that is buggy, since allmeteo doesn't merge MeteoHelix with MeteoWind data, so you'll have to pick one of the two to show on WU.
- You get a lifelong subscription to with it, I'll transfer my account data to the interested buyer.

Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested.
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