Author Topic: new firmware v1.7.2 for HP35xxC  (Read 290 times)

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new firmware v1.7.2 for HP35xxC
« on: January 14, 2023, 05:03:28 PM »

There's a firmware update available for the HP35xxC: v1.7.2.

As far as I know, v1.7.1 has not yet been publicly released (or I have not noticed it until now). According to my records, v1.7.0 was already released on 14.07.2022 (with a much smaller changelog) - I had installed it at that time, but then downgraded to v1.6.9 after considerable problems (freeze). Possibly Ecowitt released the update again a few days later under the same version number?
Anyway, perhaps all these problems are gone now with v1.7.2.

Please note, however, that there is at least one user with problems after updating to v1.7.2 - although it cannot be ruled out that these problems are due to the use of an unsuitable SD card.
Note: Only an SDHC card should be used for the firmware update!

I had no problems with the update here - the console has been running without problems with v1.7.2 for more than a day now. So it seems to be fixed.

Version: HP3500_V1.7.2(2022.11.15)
Add Sd card status display:
  • SD icon is not displayed when no card is inserted
  • Sd green icon is displayed effectively after inserting a card
  • Sd yellow icon is displayed when there is a read/write error after inserting a card
  • If the card is invalid or not inserted, the red icon is displayed.

Version: HP3500_V1.7.1 (2022-09-16)
  • support ws90 sensor 1,add rainfall priority selection item.
  • Add piezoelectric rainfall page with gain factor rating item.
  • Add rain clear time option (day, week, year)
  • Add a temperature compensation option: wind and light will adjust the temperature compensation
  • Adjust sensorid interface to about

Version: HP3500_V1.7.0 (2022-07-22)
  • Modify the configuration to save all Sensor ids.
  • Modify the receiving RF Sensor to be double slave check.
  • Add wn34 and wn35 data display interface.
  • Fix support for EasyAMB Weahter Pro upload answer.
  • Find out the cause of the crash situation.
  • Fix the situation that EasyWeatherPro does not show the icon after successful WU upload.
  • Fix RMF SPI driver.

Steps for updating the software:
  • Take out your microSD card(max 32G).
  • Download the file and drag the unzipped Firmware.bin and picture.bin to the root directory of your microSD card.
  • Insert the card into the console -  power off the console - power on the console - update the program.

I'll wait and see what happens with the problems in the other thread. Then I will try the update.


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Re: new firmware v1.7.2 for HP35xxC
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2023, 03:30:39 AM »

I have now dared to update from v1.6.9 to v1.7.2.
No problems during the installation. After the update, there have been no problems so far.
The WS90 is now also supported. In fact, there is now an SD card icon and the temperature compensation can be selected. The reset times for rain can be set.
Now we just have to see whether the freezing of the console after some time has been fixed. I am curious.
Keep an eye on the yearly rainfall after update - here it was changed - probably because the piezo sensor is the default and a WS90 was found.

So far, I see no reason not to update!