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WeeWX + Meteostick + Froggit HP1003 868MHz
« on: November 14, 2020, 09:29:18 AM »
good morning everyone in the Forum, sorry for my bad English speaking  :oops: (i am using google translator) I just joined this forum to seek help in setting up my meteostick, to receive data from my weather sensors: Froggit HP1003 broadcasting on a European frequency 868MHz.
I have successfully followed the installation of WeeWX on Raspberry PI 3 configuring as per the guides found on the WEB. Unfortunately I do not receive any data from the sensors, obviously the MeteoStick must be configured for those types of sensors. I found no answer to my problem on many websites and forums. I am attaching photos of MeteoStick configuration on WeeWX config ...

it's this one

I hope you can help me, as I'm not very experienced.
Until some time ago I received the data of my HP1003 sensors with the MeteoStick connected to the MeteoHub, which unfortunately does not have the API update function ... for the meteotemplate of "Jachym"  [tup]
I made a decision to migrate to WeeWX software with Plugin for API ... Meteotemplate
That communicates successfully on my host server, only that it does not update the data because my MeteoStick is not yet configured, only the temperature parameter of the Barometer inside the MeteoStick results.

I hope help from those who are more experienced than me.
Ciao da Italia.
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Re: WeeWX + Meteostick + Froggit HP1003 868MHz
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2020, 10:15:00 AM »
My recommendation is to get the the Froggit DP1500 (or an Ecowitt GW1000 which is the same thing) as that will be able to pick up the data from your sensor array. Be sure to select WH24 when configuring in WS View. Make sure you get a DP1500 or GW1000 tha tis 868 Mhz. If you order from Froggit then it will be 868, but if you order from Ecowitt then you'll need to specify 868 MHz.

You can then use WeeWX with the GW1000 driver. Then WeeWX will have access to all your sensor data and it will include barometric pressure and indoor temperature and humidity. You'll also be able to expand your station to many new extra sensors. The DP1500/GW1000 is a very reasonable and worthy investment.

The Meteostick is not a good solution for your station because there is no support for pressure.
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Re: WeeWX + Meteostick + Froggit HP1003 868MHz
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2020, 10:35:43 AM »

Another possibility to feed Meteotemplate with your Froggit HP1003 would be the use of FOSHKplugin.
FOSHKplugin receives the data from the weather station via custom server and sends it to Meteotemplate in the Meteotemplate API format.
Meteotemplate support is part of the upcoming version v0.07 of FOSHKplugin.
However, I can already provide you with a beta.
The Meteotemplate connection is currently being used successfully by 2 users.

But I'm not sure if the HP1003 supports the custom server upload (and do not find a manual right now) ...

Sorry, HP1003 obviously does not support custom server - so unfortunately FOSHKplugin is no solution for you.
So get a DP1500 - it is really cheap but powerful and you get many possibilities.

Greetings to Italy,


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Re: WeeWX + Meteostick + Froggit HP1003 868MHz
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2020, 12:02:27 PM »
Thanks for the replies @galfert @olicat

My project is future and to buy later (when I save some money for my project  :grin: ) and to buy in kit sensors David ... unfortunately for now I am using my configuration described above, which is currently working with the Meteohub ...

even if looking good in the screen of the meteohub, the MeteoStick detects me my sensors as: WS1000...  :? Post some photos of my old station packaging ...

currently my MeteoHub with the MeteoStick read me the data as shown in the photo and send them to wunderground ...
It seems strange to me that the MeteoStick currently supported by WeeWX does not have to read the sensors, if you look at the GUI screen of the WeeWX the internal barometer of the MeteoStick communicates the temperature, for the sensors you only need to understand how to tighten parameters in the WeeWX conf ...

I repeat, sorry my bad English ... (Google Translate)  :oops: :oops: