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Raspberry PI 4 SDXC life concern

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Wayne Orwig:
I have a Raspberry PI 4, that pulls the data from my weather station off of once a minute. I make a copy of that data, once every fifteen minutes to look for trends. The Raspberry PI is a web server that also randomly displays a new photo from a directory once per minute. So in the end, I have a web page that is a 'digital picture frame', that also displays my weather. The scripts that do this, mostly rename files, manipulating directories, not actually copying or moving a lot of data.

The question I have is related to the life of the SDXC card. I have a 64GB card, that is mostly empty. I am hoping the card is smart enough to spread the wear out.
Does anyone have a clue about how long those cards last?
Should I start working on putting the file system onto an external hard disk?

I keep it backed up well, so data loss isn't the issue, just the annoyance of setting everything back up.

WeeWX has this page about using RAM disks for scratch files:

I have been using these strategies along with clone/rotate my weather Pi's onto fresh SD cards every year, and have not had a data loss so far.  The last round of SD cards that I bought were dashcam-grade, which will hopefully provide a little bit of extra insurance.....

I save my data on a USB drive instead.  This includes CRONTAB log files, automatic timelapse video creation.  That way, I won't wear the SD Card where the OS resides.

Wayne Orwig:
I got some USB memory sticks. Now to move everything that I can that is written to to the USB stick.

Install your OS to USB and use a copy/copy to another USB for backup.


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