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Re: PM2.5 sensor and dew/humidity
« Reply #25 on: August 24, 2019, 01:17:06 PM » doesn't really have a good way to share a station link. It is possible but requires some steps on both your part and on the part of the person loading your station whom you share the link with.

- Station owner needs to go to map and click on their station. This then results in a URL with their station identified by name.
- But to share the URL the station must be in public mode not private.
- Station owner can then share this link....but link doesn't not work unless other person has account.
- Other person must create a free account. No station hardware is required to create a free account....much like a Davis account.
- Then the other person once they are logged in can paste the shared URL for the other station.

* It is also possible for anyone (with an account) to browse the Map and search for other public stations.

Thanks, I really couldn’t figure it out lol.

Here’s the link:

This method of sharing is incomplete. I forgot one critical part. In the resulting URL you need to change where it says type=1 to type=2 and then it works.

I have already set up three different accounts on on three different browsers.
It doesn't matter if the link type type = 1 or type = 2 opens an empty card or card with my station or recently viewed.
Ecowitt does not control station names like WU, so names may repeat. There are already several EFWS2900 stations in Poland.
Screenshots attached.
After entering type = 2, name = SWX and data from my station.
Second dump type = 2, name = Error-It doesen't work, and shows data from the last viewed Winter Springs station.
Sorry for my English.
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Re: PM2.5 sensor and dew/humidity
« Reply #26 on: August 24, 2019, 01:38:14 PM »
Yep you right! It doesn't work. When I tested it I was seeing some other data after having used the map for some other station and it tricked me into thinking it was SWX's station.

Oh well. I guess there is no good way to share an station. You just have to drill down and use the map.
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