Author Topic: Incorrect Rainfall data - doubled up?  (Read 811 times)

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Incorrect Rainfall data - doubled up?
« on: July 29, 2019, 06:11:17 PM »
PWSWeather is great, but for some reason back in January, February, March there were certain dates where my daily rainfall was repeated for 2 days.  For example, January 24th and January 25th are both showing 1.64 inches of rain.  Not sure why this happened, but stopped occurring after March.

Couple questions, has anyone else noticed this?  Is there a way to edit the data on PWSWeather?


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Re: Incorrect Rainfall data - doubled up?
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2019, 10:23:39 AM »
All seems okay with my PWSweather data. I definitely had different rainfall on Jan 24 and 25 and all other dates. Best view to check this is Weekly and then use <Prev or Next>. If you start with January and then move to Next> then you actually see the last day twice as you advance because they show you 8 days instead of 7 at a time.

The PWSweather network map is open to see all stations. You could take a look at others and see if you find the duplication issue with other stations. If not it may be an issue with your WiFiLogger that is probably resolved now that you've probably updated it. The other interesting thing to realize is that in March we switched to Daylight Saving Time. Maybe there is still a bug in WiFiLogger in this respect. Watch what happens this Fall when we switch to Standard Time and see if the issue comes back.

There is no way to edit data with PWSweather. There is no way to edit data with any online weather service. It used to be possible to edit data with WU but they took that feature away.
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