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PC Connect program won't open

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I had PC Connect up and running with data going to WU just fine. Then I screwed something up, uninstalled PC Connect, reinstalled it (countless times), but when I try and open up the program to send data out, there's an hour glass for a second or two, and the program doesn't open. When I try multiple times, clicking fast on it, it says it is open, however, there is nothing showing in the Task Manager resembling Acurite or PC Connect.

I have looked online for some fix to force the program to open, but nothing has worked. Every other program on the computer works fine.

I have updated to the very latest Win 10 updates, downloaded the current PC Connect software, but no luck! Any thoughts?

Make sure the latest software you downloaded was this version. Otherwise it may be a permission problem. Try right clicking on the AcuRiteConnect.exe and Run as administrator.

--- Quote ---A software update is now available for PC Connect - for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7. This update is required to continue connecting your product to My AcuRite after Thursday, February 28, 2019.
--- End quote ---

Tried all that, no luck.

I would think it should work by running it from the folder it was installed in. Everything should be in that folder.

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Can you download and try "Vis Reader"? Worth a shot maybe?
What mode are you in on the console? USB 3 or 4? (Some do not allow adjustment)


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