Author Topic: Wind direction problem and incorrect outdoor humidity and dew point values?  (Read 491 times)

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Hi all,

A few months ago I bought an ambient weather station clone from China, after 3 weeks of use it started to develop a wind direction problem where wind direction arrow on the display console would get stuck on the same direction but it would very very slowly move in a clockwise direction. Also the outdoor humidity and dew point values drop drastically for no reason.

I have created a post about this in great detail on the "other hardware forum" as it's a clone.

The link to this post is:

Guys and girls I really would appreciated if you could take a look at my post and give me some advice on what to do, any help at all would be great 😊  I know that there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here so I'm looking forward to your help.

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this 😊