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Sanger, CA Landspout!!!
« on: February 15, 2018, 03:43:38 PM »
On Monday (2.12.2018), an EF0 landspout touched down just SE of the town of Sanger! This was quite surprising for me, as I was in the area at the time when it would've been on the ground. No damage was reported. There hadn't been anything close to unusual weather going on that day, apart from cooler temperatures and somewhat overcast skies, which makes this event quite surprising.
An EF0 Landspout was captured on video near Sanger yesterday at 11:30a. There were no reports of damage. Unlike supercell tornadoes, landspouts form from the ground up where surface winds converge. Low-level instability, or greater than usual change in temperature with height, allows for vertical motion. Thus, the rotation made contact with the cumulus clouds above it.
Quote from NWS Hanford's facebook page
Here is a link to a video about the rare landspout/tornado.

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Here is an image of the landspout. It looks very similar to a dust devil, but it was considered an EF0 tornado and is even on the SPC list of storm reports for February 12th.

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Here is where it happened.
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