Author Topic: New interactives graphs (temp and rain) trend  (Read 1086 times)

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New interactives graphs (temp and rain) trend
« on: July 08, 2015, 02:22:59 PM »
Greetings to all

I present my new 2 graphics to see the trend of temperature and rainfall from the commissioning of our station.

Script courtesy of: Michael Holden from
Script calculations courtesy of: Murry Conarroe from
Script modifications courtesy of Blackjack52:

The graphics are created with Highcharts libraries, that is, which are interactive.


Columns of temperature and rain take different colors, depending on their values.

How does it work?:

With file "testtags.php"

- Weatherdisplay
- Having updated our web testtags.php file.
- Install "jquery.min.js" file and point to it
  (Line 198 of the temperature graph)
  (Line 317 of the graph rain)

You can see here the difference between the classic version of this page, and the new version:

Classic version:
Interactive version:

Download link:

- jquery.min.js: (rename to jquery.min.js) and upload it to our website

- climate-temp-trend-hc-2.php: (rename to climate-temp-trend-hc-2.php and upload it to our website).

- climate-rain-trend-hc-2.php: (rename to climate-rain-trend-hc-2.php and upload it to our website).

I hope you enjoy it  :D

Saludos desde San sebastián
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